August 2017

August 2017: monthly update

September is nearly finished and I still have not published my August update… Time really zips by now that I am living in Europe. Work, intensively learning French and all the nice places to explore keep me so busy that I have to find the time for updating this little blog.  Read on to find out how August went!

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April 2017

April 2017: Monthly update

Do you feel bored? Like really bored? The perfect solution: move to another continent. The last month was a huge stress and chaos and the second (and hopefully last!) zero investment month in the history of this little blog.

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Singvestor goes Europe

February 2017: Monthly update

This February I learnt that I will be moving to Europe for the next three years as an assignment with my current company. Good news, as this will be a great experience and allow me to save quite a bit of money on top of it. How did February treat my portfolio?

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The year of the rooster

January 2017: Monthly update

So, the year of the rooster is here and I am still sticking to updating this little blog in the search for financial independence. Work has boring me a bit lately and I often find myself dreaming of pursuing other interests once I am financially independent. How much closer did I get?

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