April 2016: Monthly update

April was a crazy month and I invested a total of SGD 45,189. Why did I invest so much more than usual? What happened?

Getting out of my European fund based savings plan

Sadly I did not receive any windfall. All I did is divest my existing European fund based savings plan. They charged me exorbitant fees (front load 3-4%) and it was time to quit this nonsense and take charge of my own funds again.

I received SGD 34,530 which I decided to reinvest into my portfolio.

Portfolio performance

The value of my portfolio increased by 57.6% or SGD 46,642 to SGD 127,551. With this boost my portfolio finally passed six digits. The more experienced bloggers would probably chuckle about this achievement, but for me it was quite a big deal.

April’s gain was made up of capital gains of SGD 1,255, fresh investments of SGD 10,857 and re-investment of my European fund based savings plan of SGD 34,530.

Portfolio vs. Plan

Bonus time

As usual I received a nice bonus this year. A large part of it goes to my taxes and yearly insurance payments (being a hypochondriac sure ain’t cheap!) but the rest made it straight into my investment account.

Again I restrained myself from buying that 60 inch TV with surround sound system which I would really like to have, but would just tempt me to waste time and money on unproductive activities.

Investments year-to-date versus plan

I am coasting along and am currently SGD 1,524 ahead of my plan.

Investment vs. plan

Dividends received

Dividends received

April is not the biggest dividend month in my little portfolio, but I still received SGD 68 in dividends which I reinvested of course.

Portfolio allocation

Portfolio allocation

Just nice, pretty much perfectly on target.

Am about to go on another vacation, but will activity low-cost-living mode afterwards again to stay on track. Feeling quite good about the progress so far.


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