August 2017: monthly update

September is nearly finished and I still have not published my August update… Time really zips by now that I am living in Europe. Work, intensively learning French and all the nice places to explore keep me so busy that I have to find the time for updating this little blog.  Read on to find out how August went!

Portfolio update

Portfolio August 2017
In August my portfolio increased by SGD 8,556 or 4% to SGD 224,480 (~ USD 165,400). This gain was made up of SGD 2,121 of capital gains and SGD 6,435 of fresh investments.

Investment vs. plan

I invested SGD 6,435, which was more than the plan (SGD 5,700).

Still I am behind the yearly plan a bit, but catching up!

Portfolio allocation

I keep buying a few stock funds, but these days I really prefer bonds. I do not want the bond portion to exceed 30% of the portfolio though.

Dividends received

SGD 268 (which were reinvested)


September is nearly done and I will post the next monthly update soon. Very boring for everyone but me, but having a public log keeps me accountable. I also enjoy reading my archives and seeing how much I achieved. Two years ago in August 2015 my portfolio was around SGD 61,000 and I invested only SGD 2,000 a month. Things definitely have improved, even though progress feels slow!

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