Calculate how much you really earn per hour. Probably less than you think!

Being bored in a long meeting last week I took out my notebook and started an interesting experiment. How much was I really being paid by hour?

At first this seemed like an easy undertaking: everyday I would reach the office at 8:30am and work until 6:30pm. 10 hours per day = 50 hours a week. Certainly dividing my salary by this 50 hours would yield my hourly pay? Man, was I wrong!

I had forgotten several things:

  • Time and money spent getting to the office
  • Business trips during free time (starting or ending trips on weekends or after working hours)
  • Teleconferences at night
  • Work dinners and drinks

Suddenly I realized that I was getting paid a lot less than I had originally thought.

Finding out how much I really worked and how little I earned was an eyeopener as I was sitting in the boring meeting.

Calculate this for yourself:

If the calculator can be improved please let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Calculate how much you really earn per hour. Probably less than you think!

    • singvestor says

      Good idea! I included a field for public holidays and annual leave entitlement. Whether or not to count MC as part of that is a dilemma I will leave up to the readers 🙂

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