how to ear more investable income

How to give yourself a raise

Many of my friends are complaining this year: some got only tiny salary increases and for others their salaries even stayed flat. Gone are the days when companies in Singapore had to fiercely compete for good people and nowadays firms embark on cost cutting and optimization while cutting employee benefits.  The only solution: we need to give ourselves a raise.

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Do not panic

The market is dropping. What to do?

Asian stock markets had a tough January so far: Indexes around the region have been falling and our Singaporean Straits Times Index is below 2,600 points at the moment. Now we should all panic and run around with our heads on fire, right?

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Let’s do this! Obligatory first post

How to invest your money in Singapore?

I was asking myself this some time back after having decided not to spend all my money on fun & frivolous activities. My first steps were stupid to say the least and I made many silly mistakes including: trying to pick hot stocks to buy, trying to time to market and so on. This is when I realized some more research was in order and I came up with some leading principles which hopefully will work better in the long run.

My ambitious goal: be financially independent by 2027. What does financially independent mean? Passive income covering my costs.

This blog is here to share some of the things I learned and to prevent you from making the very same mistakes I did. Furthermore I have published my goals and a page to track my portfolio.

So let’s jump right in with my small getting started investing in Singapore guide:

Most of all: this is an experiment. I have no idea how it will go. So let’s give it a shot and let’s have fun!