February 2016: monthly update

Another month passed by and the year of the monkey has now officially started. How did the portfolio perform? Am I on track?

Portfolio performance

The value of my portfolio increased by 3.5% or SGD 2,598 to SGD 75,900. This gain was made up of a paper loss of SGD 182 and fresh investments of SGD 2,780. With year-to-date unrealized losses of SGD 4,565 the year has been hard on my portfolio, but as I am still in accumulation phase I keep calm and follow the plan.

Portfolio performance

 Investment target

In February I invested SGD 2,780, SGD 330 more than I had originally planned. Quite good! I will stay on track and do my best to beat my target for the year.

Investment vs. Goals

Portfolio allocation

Nothing exciting to report here, all more or less on track.

Portfolio allocation

Dividends received

dividends received

In February I received SGD 209 in dividends. Not terribly much, but it is quite motivating to see them coming in consistently.


My investment and my budgeting is pretty much on autopilot right now. I have become rather good at budgeting and planning and it is pretty much a routine now.

I do not think that much about my investments, but I am quite worried about the state of the economy at the moment. My feeling is that more economic trouble is coming as many of my friends report job cuts and extreme cost saving measures in their companies last seen in 2009. Is this another crisis?

At the end of the day I am still in the building up phase of my portfolio and will still see many boom and bust cycles, so it does not worry me terribly much. How about you?

3 thoughts on “February 2016: monthly update

  1. Gary says

    Hi there,

    I do have a question, could you share how you created those stats. Have you automated this yourself or do you a software to do it?

    • singvestor says

      Hi Gary, I use MS Excel which is quite convenient. It is also possible to do this via Google Sheets.
      It takes me about 10 minutes to create all the charts for each update, but I am quite fast with Excel because of my work.

  2. KK says

    Hello Singvestor

    Appreciate your valuable info and stats….really its like handholding for the rookies like me on how to step in and make the portfolio investment management
    Thank you for this insight and info, looking forward to follow you and progress accordingly

    Performant (KK)

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