February 2017: Monthly update

This February I learnt that I will be moving to Europe for the next three years as an assignment with my current company. Good news, as this will be a great experience and allow me to save quite a bit of money on top of it. How did February treat my portfolio?

Portfolio update February

Portfolio update Feb

My portfolio increased by SGD 4,244 or 2.3% to SGD 185,542 (= USD 131,900). This increase consisted of capital gains of SGD 1,711 and fresh investments of SGD 2,533.

Investment vs. Plan

In February I invested SGD 2,533, just a bit shy of my SGD 2,800 goal.

Investments vs. Plan

Dividends received

My holdings paid out SGD 276 in February.

Dividends paid out in Feb

Asset allocation: time to buy more bonds

Timing the market is a fool’s errand and nobody knows if it will go up or down.

Having said that I will buy some more bonds in the next months to get the bonds portion back to the 25+% range.

Portfolio allocation


I feel like the move to Europe will be very beneficial as I will finally get to experience another country after living in Singapore for such a long time. Still I will probably stock up on some Laksa packets before the move in case the cravings hit!

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