How did I spend my SGD 25,000 bonus in 10 minutes? (Monthly update April 2015)

April means bonus time in my company and it always is a happening month. Secretaries are coming to work with brand new SGD 2,000 handbags, expensive vacations are booked and people seemingly spend money left right and center.

I also spent my whole bonus and I did so in just ten minutes. Read on to find out how!

You probably guessed it, as this is a personal finance blog I had planned what to do with my bonus long before it arrived. I fought all temptations to inflate my already luxurious enough (my opinion) lifestyle and “spent” my bonus as follows:

  • SGD 7,500 was saved to pay the upcoming tax bill
  • SGD 6,000 was saved to pay for my ridiculously expensive but comprehensive health insurance for a year (I call it the “hypochondriac’s choice” for it covers absolutely everything with no deductibles)
  • SGD 10,500 were invested in bond and stock index funds according to the plan
  • SGD 1,000 went towards paying for my usual Europe trip in Summer

All in all quite reasonable, what do you think?

The yearly bonus payment gave a planned rocket-like boost to my investment portfolio:

Investment vs. Target

The overall value of my portfolio increased by SGD 11,097, consisting of SGD 10,537 in fresh investments and SGD 560 in capital gains:

2015 April: Portfolio vs target

My portfolio allocation is sticking quite close to the target allocation, a far cry from when I published my first monthly update in May 2014!

2015 April: Portfolio allocation

So far the year is well on track with a total of SGD 16,521 invested. Thanks to the bonus I managed to invest more than half of this year’s target already in April. Not too bad!

How about you? What did you do with your bonus?

2 thoughts on “How did I spend my SGD 25,000 bonus in 10 minutes? (Monthly update April 2015)

  1. says

    Hi singvestor,

    Dropping by to say hello!

    Anyway, that’s really a huge bonus and looking at both the bonus and the income tax bill, you’re really rolling in the cash in your job. I think your portfolio will increase really fast as long as you continue socking away a decent % of your salary and investing them.

    Do enjoy your upcoming Europe trip!

    My 15HWW

    • singvestor says

      Hi My 15HWW, nice to see you here! I often read your blog and like it a lot. I am also trying to set challenges for myself and to escape the 9-5 office life, so it is quite inspiring!

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