January 2016: monthly update

January was one of the worst months in the short life of my portfolio. With stock prices dropping in Asia and around the world I incurred some heavy paper losses, but as I wrote before it is very important to stay calm and focused on the long term objectives.

Here is how I fared in January…

Portfolio performance

The value of my portfolio decreased by SGD 1,648 or -2.2% to SGD 73,302. The decrease was made up of a paper loss of a whopping SGD 4,383 which was offset by fresh investments of SGD 2,735.

Portfolio vs. target

Investment target

The lower stock prices motivated me to exceed my monthly investment target a little bit and 2016 is off to a solid start so far.

2016 Plan

Portfolio allocation


Allocation of my portfolio is quite in line with the plan, but I will probably continue to buy more stocks in the current environment and keep my bonds constant.

Dividends received

In January I received SGD 159 in dividends, which was about double the amount received in January last year.

Dividends received


All in all things are going as expected. I am getting a bit bored, which I guess is good as I am in cruise control mode and do not spend much time worrying or thinking about my investments.

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