July 2016: Monthly update

July just passed rather quickly without too many things happening. Stocks miraculously (to me) recovered after the “Brexit” shock and things seem back to normal. How did my portfolio fare in July?

In July I wrote a short post “How to give yourself a raise?”, but other than that I relaxed on the personal finance front. While not so productive myself, I always enjoy reading posts and seeing the progress other people are making. Needless to say I am always happy to receive comments or feedback on this little blog.

Portfolio performance

In July my portfolio increased by SGD 6,526 to SGD 140,291 (=USD 104 686). This is the first time my portfolio exceeded the USD 100,000 mark – nice! The gain was made up of fresh investments of SGD 3,392 and a gain of SGD 3,134.

Portfolio YTD July 2016

Investments year-to-date versus plan

Investments vs. plan

In July I invested SGD 3,392 which brings the yearly total investment for 2016 to SGD 27,628. Things are going ok and I am SGD 2,828 ahead of schedule.

Dividends received

Dividends received

In July I received SGD 922 (= USD 688) in dividends, which is a personal record. Already now I have received more dividends than in the whole of 2015.

Cumulative dividends

It definitely feels good to have dividends coming in as it takes some anxiety out of the ups and downs of the stock market. What makes them even sweeter is the fact that dividends are tax-free in Singapore. Lucky us!


Now that August has started I am realizing how quickly the first half of this year has come to an end. Investing and saving money is pretty much on autopilot at the moment and I have to focus on being less bored at my work. Challenging!

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