June 2014: Monthly update

What a crazy month June was. While I had quite a lot of fun this month, including travels to Cambodia and Bali for Holiday financially speaking it was a very turbulent month. All flights, entertainment and exploring were expensive and on top I had to pay a rather big (by Singaporean standards) tax bill.  As expected this month I could not add much money to my portfolio as I decided to pay the tax in a big lump sum instead of going for the zero interest installment payment plan offered to the government. While I know installments are better financially speaking I opted for the psychologically satisfying option of paying everything at once and getting it over with.


Total portfolio value SGD EUR USD
33,046 19,325 26,437

Transactions made:

As you can see in my portfolio I sold 60 of my Evonik shares and re-invested this money into Vanguard’s FTSE Asia Ex Japan Index ETF. This brings me another step closer to my target allocation:


The share of picked stocks dropped from 44% in May to 36% in June, which is a slight improvement in the right direction. As only my poorly performing shares are left in my portfolio, the performance of my picked stock portfolio is absolutely disastrous.

Dividends earned:

June 2014 I earned a total USD 90 in dividends from 2 ETFs in Singapore: the iShares J.P. Morgan USD Asia Credit Bond Index ETF and the iShares Barclays USD Asia High Yield Bond Index ETF.

Portfolio performance:

Portfolio performance was a budgeted. I did not plan for a huge investment into my portfolio this month as I had to pay the huge tax bill but am planning to aggressively grow the portfolio



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