March 2017: Monthly update

 In March I missed my investment target for the first time in 26 months. What happened?

Last month I moved to Europe and my company withheld my last month’s pay to cover the taxes for me. This was a surprise and I paid my tax a month or two earlier than normal.  The move kept me extremely busy, so this update is too late.

Portfolio update March

As the markets were kind, my portfolio increased by SGD 2,888 or 1.6% to SGD 188,430 (= USD 134,228).

Portfolio performance

Investment vs. Plan

In March I did not invest anything. Things should get better soon!

Dividends received

My holdings paid out SGD 378 in March which are still waiting in my account to be reinvested.

Dividends received in March


Slowly the chaos is subsiding and I am getting things sorted out in Europe. This month I will have to buy a cheap used car to get to work as my office is in a small village without public transport. After that I should be able to start the massive savings program and accelerate the way to financial independence.


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