May 2015: monthly update

So how did my portfolio develop in May? Did I manage to invest and save as planned despite the bigger than expected house-moving costs?

In May the overall value of my portfolio increased by SGD 1,669 to SGD 61,248. The increase was a result of fresh investments of SGD 2,306 which were slightly offset by an overall decline in portfolio value of SGD 637.

Investment plan well on track:

The good news is that I am well on track with my investment plans for the year and invested even a bit more than originally budgeted year-to-date:

Investment plan

Portfolio allocation

Portfolio allocation is very healthy with picked stocks and high yield bonds making up 5% and 2% respectively of the portfolio.

Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio development

Portfolio value vs. target in June 2015

Overall the portfolio is in line with expectations. It shows that continuous investment and saving pays off.

In July I will have a long holiday – hopefully without breaking the bank!

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