November 2014: Monthly update

November: my least favorite month. I have no idea why, but nothing exciting ever happens in November. The old year slowly gets wrapped up in the office as the Christmas holidays are coming nearer, most interesting projects are finished and people are starting to relax a little. At least we are spared Europe’s terrible November weather here in Singapore and I am grateful for not having to wait for a tram in the icy snow rain in some European city.

I digress. Back to the topic of this post: November portfolio performance.

Portfolio performance

November saw markets improving overall and the value of my little portfolio increased by exactly 2,222 (such a weird coincidence!) to SGD 36,052.  The increase is driven by capital gains and about some money invested into index funds.

Portfolio allocation

portfolio allocation

I decided to lump government bonds and investment grade corporate bonds together to simplify the allocation. So far I am really well on track with picked stocks more or less phased out.

Portfolio performance vs. plan



It seems I will miss the ambitious target of SGD 45,000 per year end, but will come in at SGD 40,000+ instead.

Let’s hope for a happening December!

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