October 2014: monthly update

What happened? October just flew past in high speed. A trip to Europe for holiday and visiting friends and family and some work travelling and stress in the office made for a very interesting and fast paced month.

Unfortunately I lost around SGD 420 by missing a flight. I took 39 flights so far this year and was never late for any of them, until I read my itinerary wrong and reached the airport after the plane had departed.

Portfolio performance

Worth of my portfolio increased by SGD 2,114 to SGD 33,829, which is largely due to re-investing of dividends received and regular investment into index funds.

Dividends received

In October I received SGD 223 in dividends from my Vanguard index funds which I of course re-invested:

ETF Location Bloomberg ticker Dividends received in October
Vanguard FTSE Asia Ex Japan Index ETF Hong Kong 2805:HK 600 100
Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan High Dividend Yield Index ETF Hong Kong 3085:HK 725 120
Vanguard Developed Europe ETF Hong Kong 3101:HK 18 3
Total 1,343 223

Portfolio allocation

Portfolio allocation is more or less on track and I am happy that my picked stocks are now at a very small 4%.

Portfolio allocation November 2014

Portfolio performance vs. plan


Portfolio performance is trailing the ambitious plan for this year quite a bit. I built up my cash holdings to have a larger emergency fund but will now probably finish 2014 over 40,000 SGD.

Bring it on, November!

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