July 2016: Monthly update

July just passed rather quickly without too many things happening. Stocks miraculously (to me) recovered after the “Brexit” shock and things seem back to normal. How did my portfolio fare in July?
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how to ear more investable income

How to give yourself a raise

Many of my friends are complaining this year: some got only tiny salary increases and for others their salaries even stayed flat. Gone are the days when companies in Singapore had to fiercely compete for good people and nowadays firms embark on cost cutting and optimization while cutting employee benefits.  The only solution: we need to give ourselves a raise.

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Monthly update for June

June 2016: Monthly update

June was a rather weird month featuring Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, a decision that might just be remembered as an historic blunder for the country. Only time will tell. How did my investments fare in this turbulent month?

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March 2016: monthly update

March proved rather happening and my portfolio rebounded from a very difficult January and February. I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Taiwan and spent way too much money, so am I still on track with my goals?

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