2014 yearly update

December 2014: Monthly update

The year ended and while it did not go exactly according to plan my portfolio still increased by quite a bit over the year. I learned a lot about investing and restructured my portfolio to a proper allocation in 2014. Read on to find out how exactly I fared in 2014!

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November 2014: Monthly update

November: my least favorite month. I have no idea why, but nothing exciting ever happens in November. The old year slowly gets wrapped up in the office as the Christmas holidays are coming nearer, most interesting projects are finished and people are starting to relax a little. At least we are spared Europe’s terrible November weather here in Singapore and I am grateful for not having to wait for a tram in the icy snow rain in some European city.

I digress. Back to the topic of this post: November portfolio performance.

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October 2014: monthly update

What happened? October just flew past in high speed. A trip to Europe for holiday and visiting friends and family and some work travelling and stress in the office made for a very interesting and fast paced month.

Unfortunately I lost around SGD 420 by missing a flight. I took 39 flights so far this year and was never late for any of them, until I read my itinerary wrong and reached the airport after the plane had departed.

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Are you on the hedonic treadmill? A cautioning tale of lifestyle inflation

Do you remember your student days? I sure do remember mine! Living of a rather small salary from part time jobs I was happy and content sleeping on a mattress on the floor in my small room of the apartment I shared with two friends. All my belongings fit into 2 large boxes and things were generally good. How much did I spend per month? Probably SGD 800 including rent.
A few years later at the age of 29 things had changed…

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August 2014: Monthly update

August was a very happening month for me. Unfortunately the “no-travel August” I was looking forward to in my last monthly update in July did not materialize and I am typing this on a minibus speeding through the Thai countryside. There could be worse business trips though, so I won’t complain. Once again I was proven to be horrible at picking stocks, but came a lot closer to my target allocation.

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