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  1. Cal says

    Thanks for sharing. Been reading about the All-Weather Fund asset allocation by Ray Dalio recently and currently to try that as am now almost 100% in equity index funds. Yours is almost like that.

    Looking to do much rebalancing this year and perhaps withdrawing all my USD investments via etrade (mainly in SPY) and buying local instead due to 30% tax withholding making US market rather unattractive.

    What about CPF investments? Have you done any?

    • singvestor says

      Hi Cal! I would second the idea of buying local as the tax withholding is quite the performance killer. The fund allocation in Ray Dalio’s portfolio is quite light on stocks, heavy on bonds, but also contains gold and commodities.

      If you are investing for the long term (15+ years) then it makes sense to go heavy on the equities and stay out of gold and commodities. Vanguard has a great page on this: http://www.vanguard.com/us/insights/saving-investing/model-portfolio-allocations

      I am in Singapore on employment pass, so I have no idea about CPF investments unfortunately… My retirement account is in Europe.

  2. says

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    • singvestor says

      Sure! Last year I collected SGD 1,571 in dividends from my portfolio of SGD 74,950 as of December 2015. For the current portfolio of SGD 130,000 I am projecting SGD 4,500 in yearly dividends (current yield: 3.4%). Why do you ask?

      • Clive says


        Really appreciate the prompt reply! I’m learning to look at different angle of realism towards the annual growth of different portfolios.


  3. Hs says

    i’ve recently started to pick up on investing and i have a few questions that i can’t seem to find answers for. Would you mind helping me by answering some of the questions?

    1) I realised that there’s a difference in the 50/150 SMA graph for both Yahoo and Google Finance respectively. Both are showing me different SMA, so which one is reliable?

    2) If i would like to invest in short term investments (meaning i don’t keep them for dividends but rather i buy and sell both on the same day by looking at the chart itself), would it be advisable?(NASDAQ and NYSE market) Because i’m kind of looking for quick bucks, at least for now. As i wanna save the quick bucks to save up and invest in singapore’s stocks (which requires a min. of 1k shares as compared to the US’ market where i can buy 1 share)


  4. jaek says

    Hi, may i ask for vanguard ETFs/mutual funds, do you buy it through your dbs vickers/stan chart trading acc or through Vanguard’s site directly? Bcos I only got a poems trading acc atm. Thanks!

    • singvestor says

      Hi, I buy them through my trading account directly. You should be able to buy them through poems without problems.

  5. NEW Investor in SG says

    Thank you very much for your inputs and suggestion, it is very helpful for a new investor like me. I have never invested in stocks/ETF before and just getting fixed deposits so far.
    Overtime I have changed my perception and now opened a account for stock trading.
    I will appreciate if you can advise me on my biggest dilemma. I have around S$200K cash now and wants to have a diversified portfolio like you. How should i start investing in ETF??? Investing all money together suddenly will not be good idea?? Can you please advise if i start with 20K,30K everymonth till I invest it all or what would you have done in my situation??
    Your blog is great inspiration to people like me. Thank you very much

    • singvestor says

      It really depends on your risk appetite. Can you stand big swings in your portfolio value? If you are worried about market fluctuations you can invest a bit each month for a certain time. If you prefer extremely low risk investments then Singapore Saving Bonds are a great choice.

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