September 2017: monthly update

As life gets busier, my monthly reports get more and more delayed. I promise improvement! Read on to learn how my investments fared in September.

In September I continued my slow, but steady crawl to financial independence and managed to save enough despite spending more than planned.

Portfolio update

In September my portfolio increased by SGD 4,587 or 2% to SGD 229,067 (~ USD 168,700). This gain was made up of SGD 6,036 of fresh investments which were offset by paper losses of SGD 1,449.

Portfolio September 2017

Monthly investment vs. plan

I invested SGD 6,036, which was more than the plan (SGD 5,700).

September 2017

This means I finally caught up with my original plan!

September investments 2017

Dividends received

September is a small dividend month for me and I only received SGD 106.

Dividends received until Sep 2017


I promise to update my blog in time for the October update in a few days.


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