What to read next? My favorite personal finance and investing blogs

The internet is full of personal finance blogs, but not all are created equal.  What makes a personal finance blog interesting? The answer to this question is always subjective, but for me it is: Good and personal stories, helpful advice, solid analysis and fresh new ideas presented in a clear format without too much intrusive advertising.

So without further ado I present to you my small, curated and totally subjective list of the best of the best blogs I found so far.

Singapore blogs

There are quite a lot of blogs out there, but many of them include paid promotion, try to sell financial services, discuss hot stocks and so on. There are however some real pearls to be discovered and probably there are a lot that I have not seen yet! Feel free to suggest them in the comments!

Favorite Singaporean blogs:

My 15 Hour Work Week

15HWW-sThe author, Mr 15HWW is a prolific blogger detailing his expenses and his endeavor to reach a more relaxed, semi-retired life. Besides personal musings and spending updates he also dishes out great and detailed financial advice, always in clear language and peppered with a large dose of Emma Watson reaction gifs.

My favorite posts: How we saved 250,000 by age 28, Lacking ambition… Maybe not?  and Comprehending the Ambition Monster


TACOMOB, Taking care of my own business

tacomob-sTACOMOB stands out as a blog through its diversity of articles. While boring bloggers like me mainly write about our expenses and investments, TACOMOB takes us for a wild and inspiring ride with quite a few extraordinary articles. I can highly recommend this blog for a variety of topics.

Favorite posts: 1 Mwh of Sunshine, on calculating net worth: A bit more of mental accounting, Another competitive edge of introverts


The Turtle Investor

turtleinvestor-sKevin, the turtle investor gives great advice about index investing and I always enjoy reading his blog. Some favorites include his recent post The Stock Market is like a giant click bait, Supercharge Your EZ-Link Card To Save & Earn Money and his solid list of index investment resources

Lady you can be free

ladyyoucanbefree-sA great blog that shows that with enough dedication you can amass enough passive income through dividends to become financially independent.

Favorite posts: My retirement test drive , My Retirement Planning Project 2013 – Property? as well as her introduction and background post

Retire by 50

retireby50-sMickey is a regular guy in his thirties who is working towards retiring at 50 and travelling the world. His saving rate is rather impressive and his philosophy seems quite Mr Moneymoustache inspired. He reminds me a bit of myself, probably because of his apparent love for progress graphs and spreadsheets…

Favorite articles: Free Singapore Retirement Planning Simulation Spreadsheet, A different perspective on the Supplementary Retirement Scheme


The boring investor

boringinvestor-sDon’t get fooled by the name: the boring investor is anything but boring. Solid analysis meets deep thinking and good writing skills in this Singaporean blog. Just have a look at the wide range of topics covered!

If you want to learn a lot and enjoy reading one or the other well put together analysis I can really recommend this blog. Favorite posts include: Why Unit Trust Expense Ratio Matters, Confessions of a serious investor, Investing is a life-long learning journey



bullythebear-sA Singapore investing blog that is 9 years old? Impressive! At first all the information and frequent posts can be intimidating, but diving into this website is well worth it.

Some interesting favorites to get you started: Compound effect of our choices, his humorous comparison of his wife to a slum master and 2014 in the eyes of the books I have read


International blogs

Mr Money Moustache

mmm-sMr Money Moustache retired in his early thirties and became an internet celebrity for his good advice. My favorite articles: The true cost of commuting, your debt is an emergency!, the shocking math behind early retirement


No More Waffles

nmw-sA 26 year old Belgian guy who is working towards financial independence on a normal income. His strategy is to generate income from dividends and he manages to save 75% of his income.

Favorite articles: Stuff our parents never taught us, Afford Anything You Want vs. Everything You WantWhy You Should Enjoy Paying Taxes like I Do



jcn-sJ Collins site has an amazing amount of investment knowledge and life advice on his blog. Some of my favorite posts include: How I failed my daughter and a simple path to wealth, Why you need f you money and Magic Beans

3 thoughts on “What to read next? My favorite personal finance and investing blogs

  1. says

    Hi Singvestor!

    You are too kind with your words. I write and share what I can, just like what you’re doing. Looks like we’re on the same page here with our core portfolio in index investing. Onward!


  2. says

    Hi Singvestor,

    What a pleasant surprise to find my blog mentioned by you. I feel honored.

    That guy who wants his readers to take more care of their own business


  3. Singvestor,

    Just bumped into your blog – what a nice surprise! I’m going to read through your backlog and see what I’ve missed the past months. It’s great to find some more international blogs rather than US centric ones.

    And thank you so much for including me in this excellent list. I’m humbled to find myself between Mr. Money Mustache and Jlncollinsh.

    Best wishes for 2016,

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