October 2015: monthly update

Who would have guessed that October would turn out to be the best month for my small portfolio this year?

Portfolio performance

In my last monthly update I talked about the bad mood in the Asian markets and I was rather pessimistic about the end of the year. In October Mr. Market surprised me once again and the value of my portfolio increased by 7.4% or SGD 4,756 to SGD 68,852.

This gain consisted of SGD 2,095 in capital gains and SGD 2,661 of fresh investments.

Portfolio performance

Overall my investment plan is going nicely. I am very close to my investment target for the whole year already in October and there is a good chance that I will surpass it.

Investment plan

I was at home the whole month in October, except a one-week business trip to Germany. This helped keeping expenses low, even though I booked a nice trip for the Christmas holidays.

Portfolio allocation

Portfolio allocation October 2015

Nothing exciting to report, but I will probably need to buy a few saving bonds to beef up the bond component of the portfolio.

Dividends received

As always October was a great month with regards to dividends received and I received SGD 651 this month. This is a nice increase from the SGD 223 I received in October last year!

ETF Exchange Ticker Shares held Dividends received in October
        HKD SGD
Vanguard Developed Europe ETF Hong Kong 3101:HK 1,100 88 15.8
Vanguard FTSE Asia Ex Japan Index ETF Hong Kong 2805:HK 3,000 690 124.2
Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan High Dividend Yield Index ETF Hong Kong 3085:HK 9,200 2,856 514.1
Total 654.1

Dividends were all reinvested and as part of my SGD 2,661 investment in October.


Overall it seems as if my goals at the beginning of the year were not ambitious enough and I will meet them easily. This is quite encouraging to see, especially since I failed my 2014 goal.

How have you been doing? Were the markets kind to you in October?

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