Financial Goals:

2017 goal: invest at least SGD 53,000 into my portfolio.

Past goals:

2016 goal: invest SGD 41,600 in my portfolio (read detailed post here). Status: Achieved: invested SGD 53,165. Read detailed review post here

2015 goal: Invest SGD 31,400 in my portfolio (Status: Achieved: invested SGD 39,566 – read detailed review post here)

2014 goal: Increase portfolio to a total of SGD 45,000 (Failed: 39,600)

Future goals

By end of 2027: Achieve Financial independence

While doing so: have fun in life, travel to as many places as possible and enjoy time together with people I care about.

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. says

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  2. San says

    Hi Singvestor,

    Nice to read that you and wife have settled into a rhythm in your life in Europe, and your focused determination on your investment goals. I am curious about how you define or qualify your long term goal of financial independence by 2027? I am guessing elements of it would contain: not depending on a work salary ? Do you have an target amount invested by that date? And/or your assumption about your return? Financial independence means different things to different people, and it varies also with individual lifestyles. Curious to understand how you are thinking and planning for end of 2027!

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