June 2017: monthly update

In June, roughly three years after posting my first monthly update, my portfolio finally surpassed SGD 200,000

Portfolio update

In June my portfolio increased by SGD 5,908 or 3% to SGD 205,697 (=USD 149,400). This gain was made up SGD 5,924 of fresh investments offset by a small capital loss of SGD 16.

Just like everyone says, the second SGD 100,000 was much easier than the first. The reason for this are mainly a) higher income with more money available towards saving and b) re-investing of dividends.

Portfolio June 2017

Investment vs. plan

I invested SGD 5,924 which is slightly higher than the updated plan.

Investment vs. Plan June 2017

Dividends received

In June my portfolio paid out SGD 151 in dividends. The big dividend month of July is around the corner.

Dividends received in May


the big costs of moving to Europe are paid and now I am coasting along in the new life. As my rent is fully covered by the company I have very little fixed costs. I am quite successful at resisting glamorous expat living and am doing my best to avoid to lifestyle inflation. After years of working quite hard my income is now relatively high and should allow for a higher saving rate in the future.

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